Emotion Journal

Emotion Journal is a writing journal designed to help you track, explore, and journal your emotional experience one event at a time.

Inside Emotion Journal you will find 2 pages dedicated to each life event. The first page is formatted with fields to help guide you in naming the event, location, date, people, and special details. There is also an emotion circle graph featuring 8 primary emotions designed to help you identify and rate the intensity of emotions associated with the event. The second page is dedicated to exploring and journaling your thoughts. 

Emotion Journal also includes a word list of 177 primary and secondary emotions. A 2 page guide prompts you with ideas for using each section of the journal. There are 190 pages for journaling 89 life events.

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Expand your self-awareness as you reflect on specific events through the lens of your feelings and emotions.


  • Personal discovery

  • Focusing on events

  • Capturing and rebuilding memories

  • Observing emotional patterns

  • Transforming your life

  • Character development for writing, directing, or performing

  • Labeling your feelings

  • Personal development

  • Self awareness

  • Relationships (family, friends, romantic)

  • Parenting

  • Traumatic events

  • Team development

  • Career encounters

  • Building emotional intelligence

Emotion Journal is a simple way for you to journal about your life, one event at a time. By focusing on your feelings, Emotion Journal lets you easily track emotion patterns and grow your emotional intelligence.